New updates and improvements to mogenius

  1. Release 1.10.0 - presenting Cloudspace Analytics and Deployment logs

    New Feature

    In our current release we are happy to announce two amazing new features along with many other improvements and tweaks.

    πŸ“ˆ Cloudspace Analytics

    Now you can monitor the traffic of your stages with a wide range of metrics, like data transfer, page views, status codes and many more. Filter your data by time ranges from last 30 minutes up to 30 days in the past. You can access your Analytics page through the main navigation of your cloudspace.

    ♾️ Deployment logs

    We introduce deployment logs on the service page which give a detailed view on what’s happening in Kubernetes. Furthermore, every instance now has a state indicating if there are errors with the specific pod of a service. Overall, this brings more responsiveness to the service page and allows a real-time view of the current service state.

    We’re excited to hear what you think πŸ™Œ

  2. Introducing the file browser πŸ“‚

    New Feature

    With our latest release we added another key feature to mogenius. Welcome, file browser! Now it's even easier to manage your services that use persistent storage. You can access all files and directories in your storage and upload new files quickly.

    This is useful for migrating services to mogenius, transferring databases, uploading content to a service or to create backups. You can find the file browser in the main navigation bar in your cloudspace.

    In addition we worked on several improvements to increase overall performance:

    • Added new services in the service library: Metabase, Meilisearch, Wordpress, Drupal, node-red, qdrant and Uptime Kuma.
    • Enhanced service states and log file responsiveness.
    • Refined the handling of new and existing GitHub connections.

    File browser

    Implement a file browser to explore and manage persistent storage in a cloudspace: Browse directories of stages and services Download and upload files and .zip folders View, edit and delete files



  3. Celebrating mogenius beta launch πŸš€


    We are thrilled to announce the launch of mogenius, the very first free code-to-cloud platform for software engineers 🎯

    After more than a year of hard work, sweat and tears, our platform is now up and running. We believe it’s simply the easiest way to deploy and run any application in the cloud.

    Now it's time that you try it out yourself and tell us what you think. Post your ideas on our feedback board and vote on other ideas that you like. We will put them on our roadmap and keep you updated here.

    Sign up now on

  4. Welcome to our first users πŸŽ‰


    We are amazed to see you using mogenius to run your applications in the cloud. If you have ideas for improvement we invite you to post them on our board. Also, vote for other ideas that you like and we will put them on our roadmap as soon as possible.

    As mogenius is still in closed Alpha the number of users on the platform is currently limited. If you didn't get access yet we encourage you to sign up for our Beta on our website. We will open doors for Beta soon and notify you once we are ready.