Introducing the file browser 📂

New Feature

With our latest release we added another key feature to mogenius. Welcome, file browser! Now it's even easier to manage your services that use persistent storage. You can access all files and directories in your storage and upload new files quickly.

This is useful for migrating services to mogenius, transferring databases, uploading content to a service or to create backups. You can find the file browser in the main navigation bar in your cloudspace.

In addition we worked on several improvements to increase overall performance:

  • Added new services in the service library: Metabase, Meilisearch, Wordpress, Drupal, node-red, qdrant and Uptime Kuma.
  • Enhanced service states and log file responsiveness.
  • Refined the handling of new and existing GitHub connections.

File browser

Implement a file browser to explore and manage persistent storage in a cloudspace: Browse directories of stages and services Download and upload files and .zip folders View, edit and delete files